About us

We are an Adventure Travel Company, specializing in outdoor recreational activities. Currently our area of operations is North India.

After years of closely studying the adventure industry in India, we recognize that unlike other industries, adventure industry demands that the customers are equipped with precise information to ensure the quality of outdoors for which he or she is opting for. An information that normally gets lost due to multiple layers of agents (read airlines ticketing and hotel booking agents), who have recently added adventure to their profile. Same is the condition of these travel portals that have mushroomed in India in the last couple of years. Selling adventure packages is their least priority, and so is your safety and ensuring the vendor keeps up to his promised quality, at times they don't even know what they are selling.

We eliminate all brokers and provide you packages that come straight from the adventure service provider. Every package that is listed on our portal is first evaluated based on the ground realities and then rated based on our assessment and customer's feedback.

This One-Stop portal aims to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction related outdoor activities in India.

Why us?

No negative surprises. With our services we only aim to provide you positive surprises by exceding your expectations.

Our primary objective remains a safe, fun-filled and quality adventure for our customers. Special emphasis is given to the activity part of the outing.

We carefully select our adventure partners / vendors who have years of experience in executing adventure activities. Our vendors are subject to periodic inspections and their rating is evaluated regularly.

In case of rafting camps, for example, some vendors may have excellent hospitality standards but may lack the river running part. In that case, Greatwhite shares only the accommodation part from the vendor and provides the rafting component under Greatwhite's own supervision. So, ultimately the customer gets the most cost effective, safest and fun-filled outing experience.
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