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Give your child a boost for life with our 6 Days Life Transforming Summer Camp: Life

After training a lot of corporate, we found out that it is very important to start early on the right path.However very few of us get the guidence and the opportunity to choose the best path for ourselves.

Have you ever wondered where you would have been, if you were told to choose for yourself?

Why don't we give our children the freedom to choose what they want, probably because we think that they don't know what is right and wrong for them and we make sure that they choose what is right according to us.
By doing this we weaken their confidence and decision making ability hence we turn our children into followers and not Leaders. In order to develop true leaders we need to give our children freedom to choose what is right and wrong for them and stand by their decision.

Experiential Learning is considered the best learning method. We let your child learn his lessons of life in a very safe and secure environment.

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Your child will learn

1. Team Work and Individual Responsibility
2. Decision Making
3. Respect for all individuals
4. Core Values - Honesty, Integrity and Humility
5. To say - Yes, I can.
6. How to control Emotions
7. How to Plan everything in life
8. Work Hard
9. To think Positive
10. To focus on solutions and not problems

The Camp will be in the midst of mother nature with fresh air and calmness. Each child will have his progress report and areas of improvement report which will be handed over to the parents after the program. Children will also go through counseling sessions if needed.

These are some of the things to keep in mind while dealing with Children.

# Believe in your child and show it - let her know she's a worthwhile, lovable individual.

# Give praise and positive feedback - your child measures her worth and achievements by what you think of her. "Well done, that was hard, and you managed it" is music to young ears. Reassure your child that it's OK to make mistakes and that it's all part of growing up.

# Practise active, reflective listening - listen carefully, repeat what you've heard to make sure you understand and give positive prompts to encourage your child to continue.

# Acknowledge your child's feelings - and help her express them verbally.

# Criticise behaviour, not your child - it's very easy to fall into this trap, but too much criticism tells your child she's a bad person and is causing things to happen because of her own stupidity. This is very damaging if it goes on for a long time. Be clear that it's an action you're angry about or behaviour you don't like.

# Respect your child's interests, even if they seem boring to you - take a genuine interest in your child's friends, and what's happening at school, and comment to show you're listening.

# Accept any fears or insecurities your child expresses as genuine - even if they seem trivial to you, don't just brush them aside. If your child says, "I'm useless at maths" say "You're obviously finding maths a struggle, how can I help you?".

# Encourage independence - encourage your child to take chances and try new things. Succeeding gives a huge boost to confidence, and sometimes your child will need to learn by her mistakes.

# Laugh with your child - never at her.

# Focus on your child's successes - swimming, music, whatever she can succeed at.

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