The Jungle Camp Resort, Corbett

location, Uttarakhand


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Camp is situated in Village Tera off Ramnagar, the starting point of the spellbinding Corbett experience. A distance of 254 Kilometers from Delhi, It is a comfortable 5 hour drive or an overnight train journey.

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Region Uttarakhand
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Located right within the gates of the new Elephant Sanctuary, it is accessed by a scenic few minutes drive from Ramnagar that will see you pass flowing canals, the barrage over the Kosi River, the wooded Sitabani road, seasonal streams and ending at our very own camp.

The Resort is perched on a gentle ridge flanking a seasonal stream with wonderful views of the hills on one side and the forest cover on the other side. Lovely treks and walks that start from right outside the property and come highly recommended.


The Dining Area is the focal point of most activity in the Camp is thus name so.

The thatched structure, having theme furniture crafted out of log wood, is set in the most beautiful part of the site overlooking both the pebbled riverbed and the hills.

Meals are served as a buffet comprising Indian, continental and local Kumaoni fare. Dinner at night is a beautiful candle lit experience.

the greens

The swaying hammocks,  jhoolas and the sun kissed lawns further adds to the unwinding experience.

Play a game of cricket, practice basketball or try your hand at badminton racquets.

Enjoy the support from the spectators as they cheer from the deck while you play volleyball, the beach style on the riverbed.


The camp has two distinct types of accommodation spread across the property. The thatched Meru tents and the truly unique Zulu Cottages.

The Meru - nature in simplicity

Thatched and Tented, these take their name from the Meru tribes of Africa. The word Meiru means a quiet place and this best describes the peace you would find in these delightfully appointed accommodations. Colorful linen, warm dhurries make the interiors pleasant and elegant. The accommodation is insulated against weather and stays comfortable through the nastiest winter. The Meru comes with attached western style closets and private verandah. Enjoy lounging on the deck chairs in the verandah or swaying in the sun kissed hammocks during the day until you retire to the enchanting glowing experience of the tents at night.

Zulu - home to the warrior chiefs

600 square feet of private space comprising a courtyard and a Machaan make these unique in form and function. A large circular room with high thatched roof, tiled flooring and platform beds complement the magic of light that filters in from colorful panes and large bay windows. Complete the experience with a log fireplace in the cold winter nights. Sunbathe in private comfort of the verandah or use the Cot on the Machaan to read, snooze or enjoy the views. The finest ensuite facilities deserving a fine resort will ensure a home away from home

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